Two days ago, I updated my iPhone to a 12 Pro.

Yesterday was too windy to shoot what I wanted to outdoors, so I spent the day learning and practicing on things around the house.

I’m very impressed with the new features and the quality of the rendered photos. I’m also pleased that the native camera app now allows me to shoot in RAW format.

On this morning’s power walk, I made only a few stops to try out the ultra wide lens (another new feature). I was happy with the photos, even though I had to crop a few because they included too much side junk.

I also caught some beautiful images “exceptfor capturing a nice closeup of my finger in them. There’s a whole new learning curve for how to hold this phone to shoot.

I’ve started reading “The iPhone Photography Book” by Scott Kelby. I enjoy his writing and instruction style and read all of his books when I was shooting with my DSLR. He doesn’t get all technical, uses humour, layman’s terms, and easy to follow instructions.

“It’s hard to understand why just walking around for two hours and taking pictures would be just a big deal, but once you try it, you’ll fall in love with it.”

Scott Kelby