Let it be known: I have no green thumb. One would think I’d have inherited even a tiny bit of my Mom’s natural talent with plants of all kinds, but no – I didn’t get a smidgen of that.

I’ve managed to kill patio tomatoes, bamboo, and even a cactus.

When our daughter gifted me with a beautifully healthy Peace Lily plant for Mother’s Day, I was more than a little nervous.

When I Googled how to care for “Lily” (as I unimaginatively named her), I was encouraged to read indirect light and minimal watering.

As of this morning, Lily has two spathes. I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll see them open.

If/when they do, I’ll post an update.

“Peace Lilies also produce more oxygen than most house plants. Breathe deep! On a less technical side, peace lilies are hard to kill.”

Plant Snap