One of my biggest joys in retirement has been having the time learn more about iPhone photography. As new phones come out with more powerful cameras, and as more professional photographers are embracing this type of photography, the research resources are endless.

I shot with a DSLR for many years, but when I took up power walking about two and a half years ago, lugging my big camera and lenses along wasn’t an option.

I wanted the ability to quickly snap something that caught my eye and then move on. I needed to be able to react on the spur of the moment and then quickly resume my walking pace. Enter my iPhone.

This close-up of a tiny cluster of leaf buds was shot with a macro lens. When I leave for my walk, whatever lens I’m going to use is already attached to my phone so I don’t have to stop for too long. Some days I don’t attach a lens before I head out. How I’m set up with my phone before I leave the house determines what type of shots I’ll be looking for on that walk. This also saves time on my stops.

I’ve found that these quick stops while power walking are helping me to develop more of an idea of how and what I’ll shoot when I have the time to compose a shot, choose a lens, etc.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

William Butler Yeats