Yesterday morning, I walked in a rain that was so light, it was more like a mist.

I wanted to get some photos of the flowering shrubs alongside the gates to our park, so when I was doing my cool down walk, I went over there and tried to get a few good angles. There was zero wind, so I was hopeful I could get some shots with minimal blur. It’s impossible to photograph these almost weightless blossoms in even the slightest breeze. I also hoped that the overcast day would act as a filter in order to enhance the flower details. I’ve found that the details of some vividly coloured flowers of tend to disappear in bright light conditions.

I was thrilled to see tiny water droplets on the flower petals and the branches of the shrubs. Could I be so lucky to get at least one clearly focused shot with all of the elements I wanted?

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be so. In each photo, if I had good focus on one element, I lost it somewhere else. In my feature photo, the flower details are pretty good, but the rain drops aren’t in focus.

In this one, I caught a raindrop reasonably clearly, but lost detail in the flower.

In this next one, I caught some droplets and some better flower details but I find the bigger leaf that’s loaded with droplets to be distracting because the front portion of it is out of focus. .

Not only were the photo elements elusive, but I can’t find the name of this shrub. I’ve taken each photo through my image search app and have yet to find a match. If anyone knows what it is, I’d sure appreciate the info.

It’s not in me to give up, so I’ll be trying again after the next shower (perhaps with my macro lens). I’ll also continue to search for the name of this shrub.

“Everything in life is elusive.”

Gloria Vanderbilt