I remember a time when the idea of VR (virtual reality) experiences was little more than the stuff science fiction was made of.

Of course, I’m from a generation that existed before home computers. The first time I ever touched a computer keyboard was at an administrative nursing job in 1988 and I didn’t own my first home computer until 1992.

We took our daughter to Disneyland and Universal Studios in 1993, where we experienced many VR rides.

Fast forward to today. My sister bought an Oculus head set. When I tried it out, I was amazed at how very real the programs were. I took a hot air balloon ride, rode a train through the mountains, and attended a Cirque du Soleil performance. In each program, it was exactly like being there.

Our new multi purpose facility has a simulator room with four cubicles where people can practice their golf techniques. I imagine there are many other simulator programs besides golf, but this is the only one I’ve gone in to watch.

The gentleman in my feature photo graciously agreed to let me photograph him practicing his golf swing. Unfortunately, I forgot to use burst mode on my phone camera. This would have given me at least one clear action shot. I didn’t want to press my luck by asking for more photos. He was there to practice, and not to be a model for my blog.

VR seemed “way out therenot too many years ago, and now it’s commonplace. I can’t even begin to imagine where technology is going.

“In virtual reality, we’re placing the viewer inside a moment or a story… made possible by sound and visual technology that’s actually tricking the brain into believing it’s somewhere else.”

Chris Milk