Old barns are among my favourite buildings to photograph. Their rustic red against a blue sky with white clouds makes for a beautiful palette. I’m guessing that this particular barn is around 100 years old.

My imagination gets carried away when I think of all of the possible scenarios within those walls.

How many men were involved in building her? Was there a celebration when she was completed? Perhaps a barn dance?

Over the years, how many horses, cattle, and barn cats gave birth there? How much hay was shovelled inside? How many games were played in the hayloft and how many injuries were sustained in falls from that hayloft? How many cows were milked, how many horses saddled? How many cigarettes were smoked in hiding, and how many first kisses were stolen? The questions are endless.

“Farm country — you know, hay, horses, cattle. It’s the ideal situation for me. I like the physical endeavors that go with the farm — cutting hay, cleaning out stalls, or building a barn. You go do that and then come back to the writing.”

Sam Shepard