My first few Foodie Friday posts will feature some of the new and/or unique food and beverage places here in our small prairie city. I’m not sure why, but our city of just over 10,000 residents has what I believe is a disproportionately high number of these businesses.

This summer, I’m checking off one of my “close to home” bucket lists, by exploring every unique food and beverage establishment in our home town of Weyburn, SK, Canada. In this quest, I plan, as much as possible, to sample foods and drinks I’ve never had before.

Because hubs and I live near city centre, each of these businesses is in walking distance for me. The deal I made with myself is that I’ll walk briskly to and from each place and if the distance isn’t at least 4Km (approximately 2.5 miles), then I have to walk at least that distance on those days to earn whatever goodies I’ll be sampling.

My first adventure was to the Meok Ja Milk Tea Bar. Meokja is Korean for “let’s eat”. This brand new little cafe had its grand opening just a few weeks ago. It’s located about 3 blocks from where we live, so I had some additional walking to do to earn the Black Sugar Crème Brûlée Boba I ordered.

This was my first time trying Boba (bubble tea), and what a wonderful surprise! It was sweet, but not too sweet, cold, refreshing, fun, and interesting. The “bubbles” are large tapioca pearls, thus the extra large straw to allow them to pass from cup to mouth. The last one in my cup had swollen so much, it got stuck in the straw. I’m sure anyone watching me caving in my cheeks by trying to get enough suction to get it out of there would have had a good laugh.

The decor is beautifully hand painted black and white. The tea shop has almost a “stepping into a newspaper” feel.

I watched this young man prepare my Boba. Here, he’s doing the finishing touch with a torch – exactly the way it’s done for crème brûlée dessert.

The experience from start to finish was fun and happy. The staff were extremely friendly, and genuinely eager to answer all of my questions. I’d definitely give this place five stars and I’ll definitely return.

Photo Note: I shot my feature photo in portrait mode. This always seems to work best for foods or beverages that are more vertical.

“A cup of pearl tea is happiness”