A few weeks ago, just after we returned from our winter in Texas, we had a late and heavy spring snowfall here in Sask Canada.

This delayed the arrival of flowers and the leaves on the trees, but after the snow melted, and then with some heavy rains followed by sunny days, everything popped all at once.

More than ever, I’m convinced that I’m a fair weather gal. I thrive and feel my happiest when I’m surrounded by green, flowers, and warm sunshine.

Hubs suffers from SAD and the winters in the sunny south have been very good for him. At first, I believed that wintering south was for his health and that I was just following along.

Realizing now, how happy spring and summer make me feel, strongly suggests that wintering in south Texas is a good and necessary decision for not just hubs, but for me as well.

I shot my feature photo of the perennial, Striped Squill in a front yard I passed on a recent walk. The flowers are tiny (much smaller than my small fingernail) This flower is native to Western Asia, but thrives here too. I believe it’s also happy for winter to be gone.

Photo Note: I’ve photographed this little flower before and used it in this blog post . I chose to use a shot of the same flower today because it’s one I’m working on in the photo editing course I’m currently taking. The goal was to have the tiny white flowers clearly defined by using white balance and tuning in Snapseed. I believe I achieved that. Although I’ve used these tools many times before, I’m enjoying learning more specifics about how to utilize them in post processing.

“I always say that in order to appreciate warm weather, you must experience cold.”

Floyd Patterson