I started blogging in WordPress one year after my retirement. It was November 17, 2016 and I stated my theme (which hasn’t changed) in my tagline: “Living a life of possibilities, potential, and passion after retirement”.

Since that time, my blog has taken on a life of its own, flitting about like a butterfly from travel to food, to family, to thoughts, to exercise and any other topic it might briefly land on.

The only thing that’s sort of tied everything together has been my keen interest in photography and photo editing.

When we’ve been on road trips, there has always been the travel theme for several days, and then it’s back to the hodgepodge of a bit of everything.

In a way, this has been positive, because I’ve never been limited in post ideas. On blogging days, whatever has popped into my head to write about has landed on the page.

Lately, I’ve been wondering if a bit more structure might be helpful to both myself and my readers. I’ve had several ideas on how to achieve this.

As much as possible, I like to post something every day. This has become a part of my morning routine. I first catch up on the people I’m following and then I create my own post.

I’ve seen people I follow who have themes for certain days, such as Wordless Wednesday and Photo Friday, etc. and I like that idea. Because I try to post daily, I’ve been thinking about a theme for every day of the week. This will guide me for upcoming posts, and will hopefully help you in knowing what to expect.

These are my daily theme ideas: Macro Monday (because I love macro photography and have found myself doing less of it lately) Terry’s Tuesday (this will be my “anything goes” day, because I think I’ll still need that) Walking Wednesday (will be dedicated to health and my love of power walking and things I see along the way), Thursday Thoughts (hopefully I have some), Foodie Friday (self-explanatory), Saturday Streets (to practice more street photography), and finally Soulful Sunday (looking at all things meaningful)

Photography will still be a key ingredient each day, so that much will remain the same.

I plan to start this new format on Monday, so wish me luck. I’m going to give it a good, honest go over the summer and then re-evaluate once we’re back in Texas in October.

Photo Note: It’s finally springtime here! Last week there were only tight little buds on the trees. We had a couple of heavy rains followed by beautiful warm sunshine, and everything seemed to pop overnight. Beautiful green is everywhere. I used a heavy vignette for my feature photo to make those leaves pop even more.

“Focus …
Such a little word for such a hard thing and yet it can make things so simple, unless you break it. Like glass.
Fragile on certain points with enough pressure or carelessness, but if handled correctly, it’s useful, clear, sharp, and perfect.”

D.S. Wrights