Two hours northwest of Cimarron, NM, we found ourselves in Pueblo, Colorado (feature photo). There are many interesting things to see and do in Pueblo, CO, but we were on a bit of a mission to get to and through Denver to find a hotel for the night.

We arrived in the heart of Denver at around 6:20 pm and were surprised at how quickly the traffic was moving at that time of day, especially with it being Easter Sunday.

Six lanes but not bumper to bumper

We were impressed too soon. Heading north out of Denver, there was construction and the three lanes on our side narrowed down to one. People weren’t properly using the zipper method. There were many motorists who, instead of waiting to zipper where the signs advised of the road narrowing ahead, tried to get as far ahead as they could in a lane that was closing, only to cause their own traffic jam. It was stop and go – mostly stop. We were inching along and it looked as though this could go on for hours.

Hubs and I were both tired and hungry, and my little treats from the Easter bunny weren’t the kind of sustenance we were looking for.

We finally came to an exit and decided to take it, no matter where we ended up. Hubs in his trucker’s wisdom, reassured me that wherever this road took us, it would eventually connect with the interstate again.

We found a WalMart in Fort Collins, CO where we picked up some rotisserie chicken and a couple of ready-made salads, and then we were on the hunt for a hotel. We got a little lost, and ended up in Loveland, CO, where we came across a My Place hotel. Although we had never used this chain, we knew others who had, and said they had good experiences.

The price was right and the room was equipped with an incredible kitchenette … one you might see in a suite, but seldom in a regular room.

Full sized fridge with ice maker, and a 12-cup coffee maker!
Who could want for more?

There was breakfast available at an extra charge, but we didn’t care about that because the room itself was such a bargain. We were tired and hungry now, and we’d deal with breakfast decisions in the morning.

Photo Note: Aside from white balance correction, I just tuned these images a bit for brightness and contrast.

“There is no magical solution because urban traffic congestion arises from the fact that a lot of people want to be in the same place at the same time often.”

William J Mitchell