On Easter Sunday, we visited the Taos Pueblo, my fourth and final bucket list destination in New Mexico.

Established between the years 1,000 to 1400, it’s believed to be one of the longest continually-inhabited communities in the United States. There are descendants of the original Taos Puebloans still living there today. The Pueblo has been designated a World UNESCO Heritage Site.

No electricity, running water, or modern plumbing is allowed inside the Pueblo compound and the people living there try, as much as possible, to live in the ways of their ancestors.

The water source is a clear stream from the nearby Taos mountains that runs through the center of the Pueblo. Hubs and I sat by the stream for a break while taking in the absolute pure beauty of the place. (feature photo) The rapidly-running water was so crystal clear that we could see all of the rocks at the bottom.

The adobe homes are naturally cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Because of the elevation, the winters are cold and it does snow. One young man who lives there told us that there are clay ovens (called hornos) inside the homes and apartments, which are heated by hot river stones, and that these that provide more than adequate heat and are also used for traditional cooking. Some homes have wood-burning stoves and fireplaces.

We found the residents to be friendly and more than willing to answer any questions we had.

Hubs and I spent over two and a half hours walking through the village and marvelling at the amazingly preserved history and the beautifully simple lifestyle.

Here is just a small sampling of the massive number of photos I took there.

Photo Note: Because we were at the Pueblo early enough in the day, the lighting was perfect to catch the beauty of the ancient adobe architecture against the blue sky. All I did in post processing was a bit of white balance correction.

Beauty Way
Today my heart will have harmony;
My spirit singing the songs of happiness.
My mind will seek balance, one with Mother Earth and the Creator.
My eyes will look for good and there I will find it.
My mouth will whisper the words of gratitude. Today I will walk the beauty way.”

Howard T Rainer