After leaving Santa Fe, we enjoyed a lovely drive through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains en route to Taos, NM.

We arrived in Taos at around 1 pm on the Saturday of Easter Weekend, and upon arrival, we took a little drive around town. From first impressions, Taos appeared to be a trendy ski resort type of place. With a population around 6600, it’s considerably smaller than our little prairie city here in SK, Canada. We had to find a room for the night and then we’d do more exploring. We came across the Taos Valley Lodge, and hesitatingly decided to check it out.

Hubs and I don’t often choose motels because we’ve come across some sketchy ones in the past. Another reason is that they seldom include breakfast. This place looked inviting from the outside, so we thought we’d just step in and see how things felt. As soon as we walked into the lobby, we noticed an espresso coffee cafe to our left, and who was there but the Easter Bunny, posing for photos with children who had come to the event.

The front desk clerk was very pleasant and accommodating. She explained that this motel sponsors many events for local and visiting children throughout the year. That in itself gave us a warm and fuzzy feeling about the place. She gave us a free upgrade to a newly renovated room, and we were very pleased with both the room, and the view (feature photo).

More about Taos to come in my next two posts.

Photo Note: My feature photo needed very little post processing … just a bit of tuning for exposure and contrast. The other photo needed the usual white balance correction due to being shot through our tinted windshield.

“An early Spanish settlement, Taos was the scene of the so-called Pueblo Rebellion (1680) against Spain. The Taos Trail was a branch of the Santa Fe Trail, and the town became an important trading centre.”