Whenever we’re on the road, I try to do a Facebook post each evening to let friends and family know where we are, what we’re seeing, and that we’re safe.

When I posted about heading to Santa Fe for me to check off another item on my bucket list, a friend commented that we should try to see the Loretto Chapel in old downtown Santa Fe. I was so happy for this recommendation, because we saw and learned about something beautiful and intriguing that we otherwise would have missed.

Built in 1878, the Loretto Chapel was originally a Roman Catholic Church. It’s now a museum, a wedding chapel, and a main tourist attraction.

The Miraculous Staircase”, which goes up to the choir loft (feature photo), is the tourist draw. While viewing and photographing the staircase, there’s a recorded narration playing softly yet clearly over the speakers that tells about the mysteries of the staircase and the legend surrounding it. You can read about the mysteries and the legend of the staircase here . **You may see unsupported link when you click on it. I see that on my phone but not on my iPad. If you tap on “back” next to the unsupported link message, it takes you to the link.

Regardless of your level of faith or your belief system, the chapel is a wonderful step back into the religious history of Santa Fe and the staircase is truly an architectural marvel. I choose to believe the legend of the miracle.

Photo Note: Because I shot the exterior of the chapel from a close proximity and from quite low to the ground, the lines of the building in original photo were quite skewed. Snapseed’s perspective tool to the rescue. I was able to straighten the lines considerably without losing any of the details I wanted to keep.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Albert Einstein