For our tour through New Mexico, I had four bucket list places I wanted to see and hubs had only one. Being a long time fan of anything space or sci-fi related, hubs truly wanted to visit Roswell, NM.

We very much enjoyed the scenic drive along US 70 from Alamogordo to Roswell (feature photo). At just over two hours, in the scheme of things, it was a short distance, so we agreed in the car, that the rest of the day we’d just take it easy.

We arrived in Roswell around 2 pm, washed the car, and then took a quick drive around the downtown area before finding a hotel. We checked in to Comfort Suites (a brand we like) and were pleased with our king suite , and at $99 US on the Thursday of Easter weekend, we were surprised at the reasonable price in a touristy area.

When hubs returned to the room after a swim and hot tub, we headed out to find something to eat.

Hubs and I had sworn off buffets many years ago because we found we always ate far too much at them. On this day, we went against our better judgment and went to Golden Corral. We had been to this chain only once before (many years ago in Arizona), but remembered that it had been good.

I always fool myself at buffets by thinking I’ll have just the salad bar

Then, I make the mistake of “just taking a peek” at the main course offerings

The food was all fresh and delicious. Needless to say, we overate to the point of being uncomfortable and swore (once more) to never again go to a buffet.

Photo Note: For all of these photos, I did minor white balance and tuning adjustments in Snapseed. For the food photos, I added a vignette.

“The best advice is to take it easy, respect speed limits and do not try to make up time lost in the tailbacks on the open road”

Emma Caulfeld