On our voyage home, our first fuel stop was in Uvalde, Texas.

We had never been there before, so hubs obligingly took us on a little drive around the downtown area so I could look at some of the old architecture. Uvalde didn’t disappoint. The design of the building in my feature photo intrigued me, so I snapped a quick photo on the way by and Google searched it once we had settled in at our hotel that night.

The Grand Opera House (aka The Janie Slaughter Briscoe Grand Opera House) in Uvalde Texas was built in 1891 and is the oldest functioning theatre in the entire state of Texas! It still hosts plays by local and touring companies. This wonderful old building is on the National Registry of Historic Places. How lucky was I to actually see it just because of a random fuel stop?

I’ve been to one ballet, but never to an opera. Because of this photo and researching this building, I’ve now added “attend one opera” to my bucket list. I’m easily influenced.

Photo Note: Because my feature photo was taken “on the way by”, I unfortunately caught the construction truck in the front. I didn’t even try editing it out because it takes up far too much space in the photo and I’m not skilled enough at cloning to recreate the part of the building that would have been removed along with the truck. The edits I did do were white balance correction, then tuning for brightness, contrast, and warmth, followed by tweaks to the structure (all in the Snapseed app). Those tinted car windows are my nemesis for photos.

“Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and, instead of bleeding, he sings.”

Robert Benchley