Yesterday, we attended one of our favourite annual outdoor events near here. I’ll expand on the event in future posts.

For today, I’m just posting my favourite photo from yesterday.

As I was standing in a lineup for a food vendor, I noticed this sweetest little boy sitting on the curb with his cotton candy. Each time he took a bite, he literally dove his face into the treat! I was giggling so hard, as was the lady standing beside him (possibly his Mom or Grandma). When I gestured with my phone that I wanted to take a photo of him, the woman nodded and stepped aside, even though I didn’t ask her to. He was so focused on his treat that he didn’t see me, so the shot was completely unposed and natural. This is why candid captures are among my favourites.

Photo Note: As with all of my street photography, I rendered the photo in black and white, just in case that’s the better option. This time, I think I prefer the colour version. Which do you like better?

“Cotton candy is a bouquet of color to the eyes, a sweet aroma to the nose, and a delightful pleasure to the palate”.”

Reed Abbitt Moore