As our time to leave South Texas is getting closer, there are many preparations needed for our winter home to be able to sit vacant until we return in the fall.

The big deal right now is to find creative ways to use up pantry supplies. Yesterday, I asked myself why I bought such a big box of Bisquick. Possibly it was because we were having so much company that I had planned to make pancakes, or maybe stew and biscuits for our guests … I can’t remember now, but I do want to use up as much as I can because hubs and I both hate wasting.

I found a recipe for an Impossible Sausage Pie so I decided that would work for yesterday’s brunch. I had everything on hand, so was able to use up even more food supplies. In addition, I made a big batch of cheese and garlic biscuits to serve with the tinned soups we have left, and yes, there will be pancakes.

I have an app called Supercook. You enter all of your food and baking supplies, spices, condiments, etc that you have on hand, and it puts together recipes from across the web that can be made with your ingredients. It’s really pretty amazing. It looks like I don’t have much left for ingredients, but the app came up with over 32,000 recipes yesterday!

Photo Note: Because there was so much red between the plate, the placemat, and the salsa in my feature photo, I did a bit of colour tweaking and brightness and contrast adjustments in Snapseed. A fun plus to this photo was the double reflection of the fork – completely unplanned, but something I’ll definitely leave in.

“Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of those who are poor and hungry”

Pope Francis