One by one, the petals of the orange blossoms dropped, and after a windy day, they became just a fragrant memory.

There’s just one petal left on this blossom, but look what’s behind it!

The reward of the petals dropping was what they left behind – teeny, tiny oranges!

The tree is loaded with these infant oranges
To show scale, that’s my small fingernail

Apparently, in or around June, many of these baby oranges will fall to the ground because the tree is unable to support and nourish all of them.

I’m positive that we’ll no sooner be out of the vehicle in the fall, and I’ll be rushing to the back yard to see how many survivors there were.

Even though I’m so looking forward to returning home and seeing family again, I’m a wee bit saddened that I can only follow the development of our oranges for another month, and then miss all of the stages until we return in October.

Photo Note: My feature photo and the next one were taken on another breezy day, thus the blur. A poor original photo isn’t much more than that, but these were the only ones I had to demonstrate that phase of development, so I hesitatingly used them. I really don’t like to use poorly focused photos here, but sometimes, circumstances tend to dictate it. I took both photos into Snapseed and did tweaks with the tune image, the details, and the curves tools, but finally had to accept what I was working with. The second two photos were taken on a calm day, and all I really had to do with them was crop them and then resize for here.

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson