We met in 1969 when hubs’ family moved to our small town.

For many years, we were best friends and even tried to line each other up on dates.

Finally, in 1982, we decided to marry. We were in our late 20’s by that time, so we were considered “late bloomers” in those years.

The years have flown by. We’ve had our share of tough times and more than our share of wonderful times together.

This past December, we were married for 40 years. My feature photo was taken on our 40th Anniversary day at South Padre Island.

In many ways, we’re fatal opposites, and in many other ways, we’re very much alike. Maybe it’s that balance that’s assisted us to defy the odds and stay married all of these years.

Whatever it is, I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else.

Happy Valentine’s Day, 2023!