Hubs’ youngest brother, Wade, and his partner Lori were here from New Years Eve until a few days ago.

They wanted to check out South Texas, and asked us to look into something for them to rent for a month here. Naturally, we invited them to stay with us. They both declined, stating that was too long to stay with anyone and especially with family. I suggested that we had a few projects Wade could help us with and under that condition, they agreed to stay.

Wade is retired from the oil industry but as a hobby, he also became a very proficient and extremely fussy carpenter.

While they were here, Wade did many repairs to the inside of the house – these were the finishing jobs that hubs has no patience with, such as trims, cabinet re-design, etc.

A fun outdoor project was a card table for the shed. The entire table, with the exception of the speed cloth surface, was made from salvaged materials from other projects. Hubs built the very solid base, and then Wade built the rails. For the table top, we used carpet underlay (that had been left here) for the cushion under the speed cloth, and Lori and I did the upholstery. Hubs then stained and sealed the finished project.

We’re very pleased with the final result and I know we’ll have many hours of enjoyment at this card table. We both love card games of any type, as do our friends and family, and yes, I even like playing poker!

“There is no scrap wood, just pieces not yet used.”

Woodworkers Guild of America