I haven’t posted for a while because we’ve continued to be busy with renovations and repairs to our winter home, Christmas preparations, and, bit by bit, more involvement in our park activities.

Our goal was to be finished work on our house by November 30, but as each new project sees completion, another one seems to crop up.

It was helpful that most of November was unusually cool and rainy, so we didn’t feel that the house was robbing us of touring opportunities and it was perfect weather for working both indoors and outside in the shed.

Yesterday morning, hubs called me to the kitchen window to point out a large mushroom that had cropped up in our yard amidst all of the humidity.

Of course, I had to head out to photograph it before my walk. What a beauty! The flat orange cap supported by the frilly light pink gills was a variety I’d not seen before. The cap was likely about 5” across.

I’ve Googled and done an image search to find out the type and to see if this mushroom is edible. The jury is still out on identity and culinary use.

So, although our rainy November here was an annoyance at times, it brought with it opportunities to complete projects without distractions, as well as photo opportunities for some beauties in nature.

Photo Note: As in other areas of life, hindsight in photography, is always 20-20. Sometimes I get so excited about a shot, like the mushroom in my feature photo, that I forget to do something that helps readers see some proportion. By simply placing my hand with fingers spread out, or my foot next to the mushroom, the proportion would be easier to see. Sadly there are sometimes no second chances in photography. The lawn crew was here yesterday, so I’m sure Mr Mushroom met his Waterloo.

“All Fungi are edible. Some fungi are only edible once”

Terry Pratchett