Well … Today is finally the day … At least I think it is.

For several months now, due to an obsession to learn how to make French Macarons, I’ve been collecting the equipment and ingredients, watching YouTube videos, reading and studying instructions like a madwoman, and following two Facebook pages dedicated to these divas of cookies.

Before we left for Texas, I shared this obsession with my closest sister, so she also got all of the necessary supplies and made a brave attempt just before hubs and I headed south. When she shared her photos with me, my heart leapt in silent joy that they were a flop. If she had been successful on her first try, that would have set the bar a bit too high.

Every day since we’ve been here, macaron “day one” has been on my mind. Every day, I’ve found an excuse to put it off. I know that it’s pure and simple fear of failure that has me procrastinating.

Finally, last night, I brought everything I needed out to the countertop to psych myself up for my first attempt this morning . The thought has crossed my mind that I could always put everything back and bake some good old sturdy and easy oatmeal raisin cookies.

I’m going to head out for my walk before dawn. I’m hoping the walk will fortify me and erase my fears of tackling these delicate little monsters of the cookie family.

Stay tuned…

Photo Note: My feature photo is a web image. I hope I have a similar one of my own to share tomorrow and not a reflection photo of a teardrop 😉

“The greatest mountain anyone can conquer is fear.”

Matshona Dhliwayo