It seems that in this late 2022 fall season in the RGV, we’re getting one or two very hot days, separated by many cool, overcast, and rainy days.

Apparently, the summer here was extremely hot and unforgivingly dry, so I know that this moisture, no matter how it arrives here, is most welcome.

I’ve decided to stop being sorry about the long cool spells, and, instead, to make the most of them.

When we were here in our motorhome on two previous winters, my kitchen was small and definitely not conducive to cooking and baking. Second to photography and photo editing, cooking and baking are definitely my next two favourite hobbies.

I’ve been baking artisan bread (no-knead bread) for a few years now, and I always enjoy the challenge and the taste test of a new recipe.

Today, I tried a whole wheat artisan bread recipe that didn’t require 24 hour rising … I was skeptical about this, because all of my other artisan bread recipes to date have required at least a 24 hour rise time.

I was pleasantly surprised by the results and have already enjoyed my favourite treat … a slice of freshly baked bread, spread with a bit of butter, and a bit of strawberry jam .. life is good .. even on “coolish” days 😊

Photo Note: I like to use the vignette tool in Snapseed for many of my food photos. The ability to enhance the subject while darkening the borders, seems to add a pleasing quality .

“All sorrows are less with bread. ”

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra