Our park has many Hibiscus plants. Most of them are deep red or varied shades of dark pink. On this morning’s walk, I came across this peach and orange coloured one. I’m guessing this is a new plant because it’s still low to the ground and has only a few blossoms on it.

It’s always a treat for this Canadian to see tropical and subtropical plants in bloom because they’re unheard of in my part of Canada.

This morning, we headed out on the hunt for a used golf cart. Neither of us golfs, but there’s a golf cart culture here that we enjoy. Friends who don’t arrive for another week offered their cart to us until we get one and we’ve been enjoying it for evening cruises around the park.

Golf cart cruising is a warm fuzzy experience. It’s fun to meet up with other cart cruisers and stop for a short visit, and everyone else waves and smiles from their patios/yards as the carts drive by. If our friends are sitting out, they always invite us to stop for a visit on their patio.

We had several recommendations for the same used golf cart business from people here in our park, so we decided word of mouth advertising from folks we know hasn’t failed us yet. We bought the first one we took for a test drive.

They’re going to customize the cart today to suit our needs, and at a very reasonable cost. The cart will be delivered to our house on Friday, and even though the business is 20 miles from here, there’s no charge for delivery. We were also shocked that they wanted no money down. Payment in full is on delivery. For as long as we own the cart, if repairs are ever needed, they’ll come to pick up the cart and return it after repairs …. again with no pick up or delivery charges.

Little wonder this business gets great reviews.

On the way home, I suggested to hubs that our golf cart needs a name. We agreed on “Arnie” (as in Arnold Palmer). Mr. Palmer was known to have a great sense of humour, so I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded. 😊

Photo Note: I tried a few different filters and effects with the original photo in Snapseed but decided to just do a crop and use the tune image tools to dial down the exposure a bit and enhance the contrast.

“ I think I’ve heard somebody say that I was a well-dressed golfer. I guess that has something to do with the fact that a lot of people who play golf don’t dress very well.”

Arnold Palmer