We’re continuing with the work on our south Texas home. As a result, I haven’t found much posting time.

We’re getting very close to where we want to be for this season.

I truly believed that there’d never come a time where I’d utter the words, “Im sick of shopping”. That time has come.

I’m completely content to just finish up the cleaning and decorating tasks and call it a day for this year. We’ve accomplished a lot over the past two weeks and (for me, anyways), it’s more than enough for this year.

One of my most favourite things for a bit of reward indulgence is Blue Bell Ice Cream.

We discovered this decadent, home-made style ice cream on our first winter in Texas (2019/20). Once you’ve tried Blue Bell, there’s no turning back.

There are standard flavours and then some new and short-term flavours are added every year, so there’s never a shortage of ice-sploring (I just now invented that word).

Photo Note: I had to do a fair amount of post processing to get this photo to “as seen” quality. LED lighting is everywhere these days, and our home is no exception. Unfortunately, it’s very harsh and not one bit flattering for people and inanimate objects alike. I took the original photo into Snapseed where I used the tune image tool, the curves tool, and the white balance tool to do the necessary manual adjustments.

“Forget art. Put your trust in ice cream.”

Charles Baxter