Many travellers ask us why we don’t take the interstate highways. We have several reasons, which include many more things than the following list:

> Hubs drove interstate highways all of the years he drove semi. When I got enough time off work, I’d go with him in the truck, so it’s definitely a “been there done that” thing for us.

> There’s so much more to see on the secondary highways. These routes mostly keep us away from the big cities and always guide us down the main streets of small towns. Lots of folks who travel think we’re crazy for all of the “stop and go” through the small towns. We see it as a way to experience how life works off of “the big road”.

> Slowing down isn’t a hindrance to us. We’re retired, so there’s no need to hurry anywhere.

> I’d heard of Ritz Theatres but had never seen one in real life. These are the types of things you get to see on Main Street America.