As much as possible, we’ve been trying to travel a different route from Canada to south Texas and vice versa.

This time we chose US 281. We had taken this route before but decided that it worked best for our travel needs this trip to repeat it.

One of my favourite views along this route is the descending approach to the Lake Francis Case, created by the Fort Randall Dam on the Missouri River near Pickstown SD. The first time we took this route was in November 2021, so the trees were already bare. This year’s trip was just early enough to witness mother nature’s spectacular canvas of reds, yellows, and oranges.

Equally exciting to see and experience is the drive over the bridge on top of the dam. I didn’t catch any photos of the bridge views this trip. I was too busy “ooing” and “ahhing” at the array of autumn colours against the backdrop of blue water and the autumn sky to even think about taking a photo. In a way, I’m happy it worked out that way. Instead of spending the time setting focus in attempts to get a good shot, I was able to be completely in the moment and experience everything that’s a part of that drive.

As much as I love taking photos to share what I’ve seen, and to refresh memories, I also sometimes enjoy just being and soaking it all in.