Good morning from south Texas!

I’ve been absent from posting for several days because we’ve been busy. It’s been a lot of good busy and a bit of not-so-good busy.

We arrived safe n sound at our park last Thursday at about 6:30 pm. We worked until 1:30 am unpacking the car and things we had stored in the shed, washing cabinets and closets, and then putting things away as they had clean space to go into. Our house had already been cleaned, but it wasn’t my clean, if you know what I mean.

The next morning, I enjoyed my first Texas sunrise walk. I had forgotten how much I had missed those peach-coloured Texas sunrise skies.

We continued to work setting up house all the next day – cleaning and sorting and feeling pretty smug about how well everything was going.

That night, as I went into our bedroom closet to grab my bathrobe, I stepped onto wet carpet. Yep – the water heater, which is located in a covered cubby in our closet had sprung a leak. Hubs removed the cover to the cubby only to find water dripping quickly out of the top of the tank. Off goes the main water supply to the house, and the next few hours were spent draining the water heater and sopping up water.

Thankfully, we’re a short walk from the clubhouse where we can access fresh water, a shower, and bathrooms.

The next day, we had several recommendations from other park residents about a good, reliable plumber. We called him, and, as to be expected about plumbers with good reputations, he couldn’t get to us until today.

Upsides: 1. We caught the leak before it did any major damage. 2. The leak happened while we were home. 3. The leak happened early in our season, so we’ll have a brand new water heater for the entire season and were spared it happening when we have visitors staying with us. 4. We’ve been getting lots of unplanned exercise.

For the next few days, we’ll continue to be busy, so I’ll be posting updates about our travels to get here and what we’ve been doing since arrival. I’m going to skip my usual quotes and photo editing tips until we’re settled in to our daily routine.