I didn’t post yesterday because we got going as soon as we grabbed breakfast at our hotel.

We had a last minute change of plans for our route. We decided with the car so heavily loaded, it would be wiser to get to our destination asap in order to lessen the odds for a vehicle break-in.

Leaving the car sitting while we’d tour around somewhere would definitely detract from the enjoyment because I’d be worried the entire time. The back windows are heavily tinted, but one can see the cargo clearly through the lighter-tinted front windows.

My feature photo is the duty free store at North Portal, SK. We always stop here before we cross into the USA, to use the facilities and to be sure all of our travel documents are in order. It’s also fun to snoop around the store.

Crossing was a breeze and we were on our way through North Dakota in no time.

At Kenmare, ND we always enjoy looking for the rock monuments made by the graduating classes over the years. They’re on both sides of the highway and date back to 1945 when the tradition started.

We drove through North Dakota to Aberdeen, South Dakota on day one. On day two (yesterday), we drove through the rest of South Dakota, Nebraska and stopped in Great Bend, Kansas for the night.

It was cold until we got to Kansas. Now, the temps are starting to warm a bit.

We’re staying with highway 281 South. The road conditions are excellent, the traffic is minimal, and we get to see a lot more than we would on the interstate highways.

I have lots of photos for future posts, so even if we’re basically doing a fast road trip, there’s plenty to see and share.

Photo Note: Because it’s early morning and hubs is already chomping at the bit to get going, these two photos are “as shot”. If I had more time, I’d do at least some white balance correction on the one of the Kenmare hills to correct what our cars tinted windows cause.