Yesterday, we did a trial run of packing the car. You’re invited to laugh along with me.

My feature photo was our first attempt and after only minor adjustments and putting the quilts in, we left it packed for take-off later this morning.

Thankfully, most of this will be staying in our house in Texas, so coming home in the spring and returning next winter, there won’t be anywhere near this load.

I’m also thankful for hubs’ long career driving semi across Canada and the USA. Not only does he have no problems getting us through the big cities, but he has a photographic memory for locations. He seldom checks a map. He knows the mile markers and which ones he needs for exits.

With our car loaded like this, I’m also thankful that when driving semi, hubs never used a rear view mirror because the trailer he was hauling rendered it useless. Our car has a back up camera and sensor alarms on all four sides if someone is too close to us. There are also lights in the side mirrors that indicate safe lane changes. So, between hubs’ skill and experience, and our car’s safety features, I’m confident that this big load won’t be any hindrance.

Photo Note: Because I set my focus on the loaded car, the overcast sky was very blown out and I was unable to correct it in post processing.

“Wherever you go, go with all of your heart.”