And it begins.

Yesterday, hubs and I started packing for our trip south.

We have far too much “stuff” in our condo here, and now that we have our winter home in Texas (where there is zero stuff), we’re able to divide it between both places. This pleases hubs immensely because he’s very much a neat freak and doesn’t like too much of anything to be in the cupboards or closets. I’m sure he invented minimalism, where I tend to be more of a “just in case we need it” kinda gal.

Hubs and I are two very different people with usually completely opposite points of view. Our relationship is a living example of the old “opposites attract” theory.

One of the things that gives us the most grief is getting ready to leave on a vacation. He tends to get quite wound up as we get closer to leaving and if I disagree with or question him during the packing time, we usually get on the road angry with each other for the first few miles.

This year, I’ve decided I can do a lot to make leaving more enjoyable, because, outside of me sedating him, hubs can’t help getting wound up and excited. I, on the other hand, am very capable of not questioning him or challenging his choices. So … instead of saying what’s on my mind: “our car will never hold all this stuff and why in the world are we taking cleaning products when we can buy them there?” I’m just letting him pack and decide. He vetoed the big Kokopelli because he wants to keep it for our balcony here. I didn’t argue because I’m 100% certain it’ll never fit in the car anyways. There’s always next year.

My feature photo is still missing our big duffle bags of clothes and shoes, hubs’ laptop, and two smaller bags that will hold electronics, cords, medicines, blood pressure cuff, glucose monitor, first aid supplies, phone camera gear, etc.

Today will be the test to see what fits. I’ve already given myself a good talking to that I’m prepared to leave anything behind that’s not a necessity. I know hubs will do his best to get all of it into our small SUV, but at this point, I just can’t see it. I’ll be sure to snap a photo once it’s loaded and will report back tomorrow as to how the process went.

“Just in case” is the curse of packing.

Alexandra Potter