This morning, I found that I could adjust the depth of field on my phone camera prior to taking the shot.

You’d think I would have discovered this before now.

My phone is an iPhone 12 Pro, but this feature is available on a few of the earlier models as well.

If you’re like me and didn’t know this, here’s the process:

1. Select portrait mode, then set your focus on your subject by doing a long press on it on your screen until AE/AF Lock shows up on your screen.

2. There will be a little slider with a sun on it beside your focus square. Slide up or down on that to adjust your exposure.

3. Tap on the little F on your screen. A slider will appear to allow you to set your F-stop at whatever level you want. This is how you set your depth of field and adjust your bokeh (blurred/faded background)

4. Take the photo

I practiced using a rope pot a dear friend made for me the year before she passed.

This pot, along with a larger rope basket she made for me will become residents in our Texas home. I know my friend would have approved of this decision because she made them at her winter home in Arizona.

Photo Note: Because all of the work was done prior to taking my feature photo, all I did in post-processing was to resize.

“Everyone has a gift for something, even if it is the gift of being a good friend.”

Marian Anderson