Many of the poplar trees here are still fairly green for this time of year. Last year at this time, most of these trees were completely golden. I believe a lot of the difference has to do with all of the rains we’ve had this year.

This morning, I did my walk on the paths within the city.

As the sun was rising at the half-way point of my 6K, I noticed my long Autumn shadow and had to smile. At just over 5’2”, Im fairly short, so these stretched out shadows provide the only times that I can imagine that I’m tall (and maybe even a bit too tall, as if I’m walking on stilts).

Photo Note: In post processing, I used Snapseed’s pre-set portrait filter to darken my shadow a bit. In doing this, it also enhanced the glow of morning golden hour.

“Autumn can be glorious but menacing too – the long shadows, brisk winds, scurrying leaves, impending frost.”

A.S.A. Harrison