On a morning walk with my cousin a few days ago, we came across this young man fishing in the river.

As soon as I saw his red cap, I decided to ask his permission to take his photo. He was very pleasant and obliging. He even asked if I wanted him to smile! I thanked him for the offer and explained that what I really wanted was for him to cast and fish as though he didn’t know we were there. He complied and I was able to get a couple of decent photos. In my mind, the red cap made the shot.

As we were leaving, we wished the young fellow good luck. He smiled broadly, thanked us, and told us he had already caught his supper, but was hoping for just one more.

Photo Note: My feature photo is “as shot” with the exception of resizing and straightening the horizon. I tried a black and white rendering as I often use with shots like this, and although I liked that too, I really preferred seeing the bright red cap.

“To fish for one’s food is meditation.”

Jessica Marie Baumgartner