My cousin had to cancel for our planned morning walk today.

I decided to head out on my own and the second I set foot out the door, I just knew it was a 10K kinda day. The temperature was perfect, there was no wind, my body felt strong, and I had the right mindset.

Not only did I do the 10K (6.21 miles) power walk, but I also set my best record to date!

I managed to shave 2 minutes off of my previous best time (set in May, 2021), and my average heart rate was 7 bpm slower than over the same distance 16 months ago. That last stat indicates that this old gal is more fit than I was at my last record.

All of this, of course, makes me very happy because it means I’ll be able to be competitive for my age group in the Port Isabel, TX Causeway Walk/Run in January. This has been a bucket list thing for me since I first learned about it three years ago.

Today’s stats are at the bottom of my route map (the 9’40”stat means 9 minutes 40 seconds – average minutes per kilometre (0. 62 mile):

Over 13,000 steps before 9:00 am – not too shabby 😊

Photo Note: My feature photo was possibly the fastest shot I’ve ever taken (done on the move). In post processing, I took it into Snapseed where I straightened the horizon, cleared up some blur, and added a portrait filter to deepen the tones a bit.

“Walking is man’s best medicine.”