This week, my cousin Janet has been joining me on my morning power walks.

We’ve done over 6K each day, and on most days, 7+K.

Our visits have been refreshing and therapeutic, and our pace has been respectable, so the chats haven’t impacted. If anything, because I haven’t been doing photo stops, my realistic overall pace has improved.

This morning, we headed out a half hour before sunrise. It was a cloudy morning, so we didn’t witness a spectacular sunrise, as I had hoped. We did arrive at this spot at morning golden hour and the cloud cover provided a natural filter for our one and only photo stop all week. I wanted at least one photo of us together to keep in my memories.

We haven’t broached the 10K yet – perhaps tomorrow.

Photo Note: My only edit was to resize to optimum size for a feature photo. The natural filter from the cloud cover did the rest.

“Remember, cousins are forever”

Lydia Howe