On a recent morning walk, as I was rounding a corner just ahead of the entrance to the walking path I had chosen for that day, I glanced to my left towards the sky

I saw this simple configuration of contrails and, for some reason, the Greek mythology legend about the Phoenix rising from the ashes came to mind. Perhaps it was the vertical contrail that looked as though the jet had shot straight up from the ground.

I was also intrigued by the cross effect of the two contrails.

Photo Note: The only post processing I did for this photo was to resize and then take it into Snapseed to add a soft contrast in order to help the contrails stand out a bit more than in the original photo.

“The phoenix symbolizes the eternal flame, which can mean faith, will, or passion in your life. No matter how many times you get set back, the phoenix reminds you that you have within you the fire and wherewithal to heal and be new again.”