The word “picnic” conjures up a vision of a sunny afternoon and a blanket on the ground under a shade tree. At least it does for me.

As I walked past this picnic table in the park at sunrise, I thought to myself, “wouldn’t a breakfast picnic be fun?”

There would be hot coffee in a thermos, muffins, cheese, and some fruit and we could enjoy our morning meal while witnessing a new day coming to life as sun breaks the horizon.

This scene-inspired, romantic idea will likely remain an idea. Hubs is a late riser, and even if I did get him out of bed before dawn, the walking to get to this perfect spot that early in the day, would be absolutely out for him. One final strike is that he doesn’t like breakfast until he’s been awake for a couple of hours..

Maybe I’ll load up a backpack and have a solitary picnic here some morning.

Photo Note: All I did with the original photo was to crop it to get the composition I wanted. Aside from resizing after that, the photo is “as shot”. The light on the picnic table was a pleasant surprise.

“Every morning, the rising Sun invites and inspires us to begin again.”

Debasish Mridha