When our daughter, her fiancé, and our grandchildren were here over the weekend, hubs took us on a country drive to look at the new solar energy farm near here.

Hubs and I knew of the solar farm, which just started operations this summer, but this was the first time we ever took a drive to look at it.

A web search resulted in the following information:

Pesâkâstêw Solar Project is a 10 MW solar farm in the Rural Municipality of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, approximately 4 km southwest of the city of Weyburn, Saskatchewan. The solar farm is on approximately 110 acres (44.5ha) of land and connects directly to the SaskPower substation adjacent to the site. The project is able to provide electricity to approximately 2,500 homes annually.”

There are 32,000 solar panels on site, so it’s a pretty impressive thing to see.

Because it’s so large, I was unable to get a good photo at ground level. Even when I used the wide angle option on my phone camera, I couldn’t get a good shot. I commented that this would be best captured by a drone camera.

Yesterday, I came across a drone shot taken by a local photographer.

Photo Credit: Dylan Grant

Photo Note: My feature photo, as you can see, shows only a small portion of the panels from ground level. In post processing, I just added a soft contrast in Snapseed, but it still didn’t capture what the drone shot by Dylan Grant did. For some shots, you just need to be above the ground.

“We are star stuff harvesting sunlight.”

Carl Sagan