What a weekend we’ve had!

We hadn’t seen our daughter and grandkids in almost a year. Between us going away for 6 months over the winter and then after our return, the busy schedules of our daughter and her family, we were having a tough time making it work.

We recently made a plan to meet in Regina (our capital city) this past Friday. Our daughter Blair is getting married next June. This is her second marriage and I believe she’s found true happiness this time around. Blair asked that we pick up my Mom and we’d meet in Regina to attend an appointment at a bridal boutique. Our granddaughter also had the weekend off, so she met us there as well. We had a fun afternoon. Blair didn’t find “the” dress but she found three possibilities. In my mind, she’d be beautiful in any of them.

Four Generations
(our daughter Blair is in the pink)

We all returned to Weyburn after the appointment and that’s when the little tricks and fibs started from everyone, including our 16 yr old grandson and our daughter’s fiancé.

Together, our little family schemed away to get us to a surprise 40th Wedding Anniversary celebration and picnic in our honour that they had been arranging for several months! Our actual anniversary is in December but we’re in Texas at that time.

The surprise picnic was held on Saturday in River Park and almost all of our friends and relatives were there! Many we hadn’t seen in a very long time. We were hoodwinked right until we walked into the gazebo at the park! I was a puddle of tears for the first 10 minutes or so after we arrived and once it clicked as to what was happening.

Over the rest of the weekend, I kept recalling with smiles and amazement, all of the little tricks that went on to get us there.

I snapped my feature photo in Regina the day of the bridal appointment. As I was looking for a feature photo for this post, I decided that the beautiful distorted reflections in the windows are a good analogy for the beautifully distorted truths that happened here in order to get us to a surprise party.

Photo Note: I just deepened the colours of the original a tiny bit in Snapseed

“Not all tricks are bad”

A.D. Aliwat