Last week, we went out to a little regional park and lake near here to see a dear friend from high school days who was camping there with her husband.

We had a fun visit with lots of reminiscing and lots of planning. Planning? Yes! My friend of long ago and her husband will be wintering in our park in Texas this year!

Judy and I had lost contact for a number of years and just reconnected on Facebook about two years ago. She became interested in our park with the many FB posts I’ve made about it over our two winters there.

As we talked about the events of our lives that have happened “in the meantime”, I realized that even though it seems like only seconds had passed since we were roommates just out of high school, an entire and full lifetime has happened for both of us.

When were arriving home after our visit, I took a couple of photos of our museum against the setting sun.

When I looked at the photos this morning and checked their time stamps (both were 7:56 pm) , I thought to myself, “What a difference a few seconds can make – and that’s what life is … a compilation of seconds”

A few seconds after my feature photo

Photo Note: In post processing, I adjusted the white balance on both of these photos in Snapseed and edited out the bugs on the car windshield in Touch/Retouch.

“You have to take care of the seconds. The minutes, the hours, and the days will take care of themselves”

Dave Martinez