Along my walking trails through our nature habitats, several signs are posted regarding the wildlife native to the area.

Most are bird signs, but there are a few, like the one in my feature photo that give information about other creatures that might be sighted.

Recently, there have been daytime badger sightings of a female and her cubs both at the edge of the city, and on the habitat paths. This has made me more than a bit nervous because badgers are known to be ferocious if they attack. We all know that any mama protecting her young can be vicious.

At one point on the trail, there’s a caged area around two deep depressions in the earth. I’m not certain if these are sinkholes or the openings to a badger sett.

This one was shot over the top of the cage

Regardless, I’ve been “cooling it” for a few days and rethinking my routes. I’ve never seen a badger up close and personal, nor do I care if I ever do.

“ I know plenty of people who live in the country who have never seen a badger. They are definitely there, but these nocturnal delights remain elusive, and thus are still a thrill.”

Steve Backshall