I read yesterday that last night was possibly going to be a good one for the Northern Lights in our area.

It’s rare to see Aurora from this far south in Canada, and even rarer to see it at this time of year here, so when I looked outside at dusk and saw clear skies, I was excited and hopeful.

I asked hubs if he’d go with me for a little drive out to the country and away from the city lights, in case we’d be lucky to see the sky light up with the dancing pinks and greens that we’ve only witnessed a couple of times before in our lives. He didn’t hesitate and away we went at sunset.

As she finished her descent, the sun blessed the sky with a peach glow. We parked the car and waited a couple of hours alongside a country road, listening to the radio and watching the sky. I stepped out a few times to look in awe at the dense canopy of stars above us. Unfortunately, Ms. Aurora decided not to bless us with her presence last night.

Despite my disappointment, we had a nice drive in the country, we witnessed a stunning prairie sunset, despite a few clouds on the horizon we saw a clear sky above us completely filled with stars, and I was reminded again of how lucky I am to have hubs as the guy to do life with.

Photo Note: The original of my cover photo had far too much black in the foreground. I straightened the horizon and then cropped until I had satisfied the rule of thirds with the horizon on the bottom line of my grid and the farm light at a grid intersection . After cropping, I took the photo into Snapseed and just used the smooth preset to edit out any grain from the low exposure.

“If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.”

Henry David Thoreau