This is the starting point of my morning walks.

At 6:38 this morning, as I was heading out, something seemed different about the street ahead of me. Then, I realized that it was completely vacant.

It’s rare to see our Main Street without a single vehicle or person, no matter what time of day. Even if there are no moving vehicles, there are usually a few parked ones. Many people in our neighbourhood walk at this time of day, but this morning, there wasn’t a soul to be seen.

Immediately, my thoughts silenced and I just soaked up the calm and quiet. I was just starting the warm-up part of my walk, so I decided to stop for a quick photo.

As I carried on, my thoughts turned to how lucky we are to live in this sleepy little prairie city and I started counting my blessings. It was a wonderful way to start my day!

Photo Note: I usually shoot the photos for my feature photo in landscape mode. This time, portrait mode seemed to better capture the leading line of the street. The only edit I did (besides resizing) was to use the portrait filter in Snapseed. This added some depth to the colours.

“When you look at a street full of people, you start watching people; when you look at an empty street without people, you start thinking!”

Mehmet Murat ildan