I’m very pleased with the automatic low light setting on my phone camera.

When I’m out just before dawn in the morning twilight, I can rest assured that if I see something I want to photograph, my native phone camera will do a good job of making sure the result isn’t grainy and that I won’t have to switch to a third party camera app, as I did with my previous model.

A professional photographer I follow on Instagram has been using his phone camera more lately. He commented yesterday that, because of their ever-increasing capabilities, he believes phone cameras will eventually replace regular cameras.

My feature photo is of one of our banks here in Weyburn. The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), holds prominent real estate in our downtown area.

It opened in 1910 as Weyburn Security Bank and at that time, was the only chartered bank in our entire province. It even had its own bank notes. In 1931, the bank was purchased by the Imperial Bank of Canada. In 1961, Imperial Bank of Canada merged with the Commerce Bank of Canada, and the CIBC was born.

This majestic old girl still operates as the main CIBC branch for our area. This summer, her exterior was completely refurbished to her original glory.

Photo Note: With the exception of resizing to optimal size for WordPress, this photo is “as shot”.

“Most people these days chase new things – new houses, new cars, new objects. But, they don’t realise that old houses, old cars, and old objects have something that new things don’t have – their history and culture. “

Avijeet Das