Our local museum is housed in the old power plant for our city. The smoke stack is prominent on our flat prairie landscape.

I go right by the Soo Line Historical Museum en route to one of my favourite walking paths and always look at the smoke stack as I’m passing to see if there’s a different angle or different light for a photo.

I’d notice if the coal door at the bottom was ajar and it’s never been – until a couple of days ago.

I was tempted to open it further to take a look inside, but something about it made me feel uneasy. My mind raced in several different directions. What if someone was hiding in there? What if there’d be a hidden body? What if drugs were stashed inside?

I stopped for a quick photo and hurried along – with swirling thoughts accompanying me for the rest of my walk.

I wonder what it is that activates our imaginations when something in life is out of order.

Photo Note: I took the original photo into Snapseed to tweak the white balance and to add a soft contrast.

“Your mind is a very powerful force. If you learn to tame it, you can achieve anything.”

Emmanuel Apetsi