For my morning power walks, I have a small pile of gear that I class as “must have”.

My runners are by far the most important part of my gear. I don’t mind spending a lot on good running shoes, because without them, power walking is a painful experience …. trust me, I know, because I’ve tried it with poor quality runners and it just doesn’t work.

I almost always wear a lightweight waterproof windbreaker, because I’ve been caught without it too many times when I’ve needed it. The exception is when the morning temps are too warm, because my windbreaker jacket doesn’t breathe.

Every day, no matter the weather, I wear a motivational ball cap I got from WW. I have a green one (from WW as well) that says, “Unstoppable”, but it seems I tend to usually grab the pink one.

Most days, because my eyes are very sensitive to light, I need sunglasses. If I’m not wearing them as I’m heading out, I tuck them in a pocket “just in case”.

The headset is a must because I walk in time to music. I used to wear earbuds until 3 years ago when I suffered severe painful wax impaction in both ears. In my research, I read that earbuds contribute to this, so I switched to a headset and haven’t had any problems since. I have several playlists so I can change it up, and have the tunes organized according to the pace I’ll be walking at different stages of my walk.

My iPhone is definitely a “must have”, because that’s where my music, my FitBit app, and my camera live.

House keys (on a flat ring so they’re not bulky) … I’ve forgotten them a few times, and because hubs is usually still sleeping when I get home, I need access to the front door of our condo building. I hate having to buzz someone else to let me in.

And last, but not least …

My FitBit

I had set up my feature photo three times and kept forgetting an item, so when I noticed my FitBit on my arm after the last setup, I decided to photograph it separately. I’m happy I did because I caught a clear photo of my day so far. Since I took this photo, my heart rate has completely recovered to its usual 72 bpm.

Do you have “must have” gear for exercise? I’d be interested to read your list.

“Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.”