We not only have a goose named after our country, we have a thistle.

The Canada Thistle, also known as creeping thistle, didn’t originate in Canada, as the name suggests.

It’s believed to have origins in the eastern Mediterranean region, and to be one of the first weeds that early settlers imported to North America.

So why the name? Well, it seems the early New England settlers blamed its emergence on the French fur traders from Canada. Historians however, believe that it appeared at the same time in the United States and Canada.

The plant was used in early years to treat tuberculosis and as a tonic for intestinal problems. According to herbal websites, the entire plant is both edible and nutritious. I think I’ll pass.

This is another noxious weed that has showy flowers, but does a lot of damage to crops, lawns, and gardens if it’s not controlled early.

Photo Note: The original of my feature photo was a bit overexposed, so I added the portrait filter in Snapseed and then used the curves tool to add a soft contrast. Because the original had a tiny bit of motion blur from a breeze, I also did slight tweaks to structure and sharpness with the details tool.

“The destroyer of weeds, thistles, and thorns is a benefactor whether he soweth grain or not.”

Robert Green Ingersoll