As I mentioned in a previous post, Field Bindweed is a plentiful noxious weed here.

These prolific weeds are spreading more this year than in previous years, perhaps because of the rains we’ve been having.

Despite this weed’s nasty behaviour, I still find its small flowers to be pleasantly attractive.

On yesterday morning’s walk, I saw Field Bindweed in masses alongside almost every path, and also on some city lawns.

Just as I was passing a pine tree, I noticed the flowers to be climbing and poking through the bottom branches. The green of the pine needles made an inviting background.

Once again, Mother Nature had painted a beautiful portrait.

Photo Note: The original photo was overexposed because of the bright morning sun, so I took it into Snapseed, selected the portrait pre-set, and then used the curves tool to add a soft contrast. The end result: The flower is more vivid than how it’s seen with the naked eye, but I was happy with the enhancements.

“A weed is but an unloved flower.”

Eleanor Wilcox