Vegreville, Alberta is home to the world’s largest Pysanka (Ukrainian Easter egg).

We’ve passed this giant sculpture many times on our way home from Alberta. This past week was the first time we stopped and it was a wonderfully educational and enjoyable way to “take a stretch”. The Easter Egg itself shines in the sunlight and is a beautiful spectacle to watch as it slowly rotates on its base.

An entire park has been developed around the egg, which includes a rest area, a playground, a gift shop, and a pond with a fountain. There are several interesting placards to read as you walk around the area.

One that I found particularly interesting was this one that gives the stats of the egg.

Canada is home to many Ukrainian communities and there are people of Ukrainian descent living in almost every town and city across our nation. Each day, we are welcoming more Ukrainian refugees as they flee their country. To date, approximately 32,000 of these people have arrived in Canada. 71,000 have arrived in the USA. Considering that the USA has approximately 10x the population of Canada, our numbers per population possibly reflect the large numbers of people of Ukrainian descent who already call Canada home, so maybe we have more sponsors. As of July 4, approximately 12 million Ukrainian people have fled their homes since Russia began the invasion in February.

It seemed timely to visit this park.

Photo Note: Unfortunately, I’m not tall enough to capture complete shots of signs that are higher than waist level, so the photo above with the stats – although containing all of the information, is a bit off center and I couldn’t straighten it properly without cutting off even more information. Sometimes, edits just don’t work – especially if the original photo is a poor one.

“Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a gross violation of that nation’s sovereignty and an affront to the international community.”

Rand Paul